"If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children."

Harakat for the Performing Arts Logo

Our Mission

We believe that art is the most efficient path to learning. Through art, we tap children's curiosity, creativity, and connection with each other and their community. Art making refines taste, feeling, and expression—consequently decreasing violence and destruction in society. By empowering children's unique creative expression, we open up new doors of opportunity and new outlooks on life. Through the arts we aim to transform each child into a contributing member of society and together, create a more just and peaceful world.

Our Programs

Our programs include acting, miming, music, visual arts, and dance. Through the performing and visual arts, we help students develop self-awareness, confidence, academic focus, and critical communication and problem-solving skills. Our children have performed at several theatres, parades, festivals and musicals throughout Egypt.


Student Stories

Meet 13 year old Niema and 24 year old Doaa whose lives have been transformed by Harakat's arts programmes (formerly part of SOS Family Strengthening Programme).


Our Impact

A number of children who participate in our program suffer from poverty and are at potential risk of trauma due to familial problems such as divorce, parental abandonment, death, jailing or sickness.

Under the guidance of our trained practitioners, art is used as a rehabilitation tool to develop each child's psychological, emotional and personality skills—encouraging the child to visually express and perform his/her personal thoughts and emotions. This enables the child's self-improvement and confidence, prevents destructive behavior and reinforces their ability to build a healthy society.

We find that children's behavior and their studies at school improve after taking part in our programs. Some of our children are trained to be trainers themselves and assist us in improving the lives of their peers.