Our Team



Clinical Psychology specialist and program manager with a strong commitment to serving the needs of disadvantaged women and children, youth and people with disabilities.
Highly skilled in program and organizational planning, with documented success overcoming challenges of limited resources and financial constraints to design high-quality, cost-effective and comprehensive services.
Skilled in building community support, key coalitions and strategic interagency partnerships. Backed by solid credentials, and strengths in program, personnel and case management.


Artistic Director and Choreographer with 16 years of experience in theater management, working on community development through art. Founded the Harakat Team in SOS Children’s Villages in Egypt and founded Nawa Aswan as part of a UN project

A Therapeutic Approach

Harakat for the Performing Arts is founded on arts therapeutic effect to heal a child's unspoken woulds and enhance their learning and creativity. Creative practice in the Arts is considered one of the deepest ways of correcting behavior, since a child can express their problems in a safe setting and thereby more easily find solution. The Arts help a child define his/her/their goals in life and develop their own personality. Harakat approaches the Arts through psychodrama, giving children tools to output their feelings, hear different points of view, and process them through discussions that happen during performance and visual arts training. Our programmes are designed to help children who are at risk to overcome their familial traumas and become positive, healthy, and productive.

Our groups trainings use different forms of Arts to transfer developmental information, knowledge and skills. Through them, we come to understand the children, strengthen the role of each person in a group, and build their collaboration skills. Together we shift incorrect thoughts like discrimination, improve concentration, memory and logic, and instill acceptance of others and a feeling of inherent belonging. As a result of achieving and performing an artistic product that expresses the thoughts and views of the group, children develop more balanced emotional reactions to life's challenging circumstances, an increased taste for the Arts, and are overall more self-aware and confident. They ultimately identify as citizens who can postively contribute to society.



Meet Doaa - Student Turned Trainer

Doaa joined Harakat as a student over a decade ago and is now a Trainer with our team, empowering the next generation of young leaders.