Our Impact

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Transforming Children Through Art, Into Contributing Members of Society Who Positively Influence Their Families & Communities

A main impact that we have have noticed in children is that art educates; it makes them see violence as something unacceptable and that many non-violent ways can easily solve problems. For instance, when they first join the programme, children tend to think of performing violent scenes, but that changes within one year or less.

Children become individuals who have their own opinions about life matters and are able to express them. They realize they are part of a group and have a role to play. We believe one of the most important impacts of our programme is that children become more ambitious about becoming successful individuals.

Shifting Social Norms

Our programmes work to address many delinquencies and negative social norms, such as drugs and early marriages. We have girls in the group who are able to reject the idea of prematurely getting married and instead make the choice to progress in their higher education studies. Development through the arts make children and young people aware of their rights and duties.

Harakat for the Performing Arts - Student Interview